Full Body Waxing / Fanny Facials

At Timeless MedSpa, we offer a variety of full body waxing options for both men and women.
  •  Bikini 
  •  Brazilian 
  •  Underarms 
  •  Full legs 
  •  Half legs 
  •  Full arms 
  •  Half arms 
  •  Belly
  •  Chest 
  •  Back 
** additional costs for trimming hair
 A  "Fanny Facial" is actually a treatment of the bikini/panty/underwear line to where the area is cleansed and treated for any possible ingrown hair follicles.  Next,a mild, soothing exfoliation is done to keep a nice, soft feeling around all of the fanny and other private areas.  Lastly, a carefully selected moisturizer is applied and any skin lightening treatments may also be suggested to even the coloration of the skin in this area.  This treatment, while not spoken of very often in open conversation, is readily available for you at Timeless MedSpa!
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